Spotaneous on Phones

now for iOS and Android.

Be spotaneous

and discover places you will love

Wherever you are – there are great spots around, waiting to be found! Spotaneous shows exciting possibilities for your next adventure, depending on your location.

Find and keep your new favorite spots, anywhere in the world.
Available for iPhone and Android!

Finder in Spotaneous


Swipe the suggested spot to the left to browse to the next. Swipe right to keep it for later! To view more details for a spot, tap on the photo.


View your kept spots on a map or reset the list and start anew. Swipe an element to the right to mark it as a favourite.

Keeper in Spotaneous


We are Spotaneous:

Jan André


Tobias Oliver Khan

Server, Windows

Matt Koslowski

Design, Marketing

Dennis Wehrle

Android, Machine Learning

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